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We measure accurate temperature in extreme conditions

Online Thermal Imagers

AST offers a wide range of online thermal imaging camera systems to continuously monitor, automate and control industrial processes. These cameras cover a temperature range of -20°C to 1800°C. Our cameras offer multiple image resolutions like 80×80, 160×120, 384×288 and 640×480 pixels. These cameras are Ethernet based for communication with PC with additional Analog and Digital outputs for PLC/Scada integration. Our cameras come in a variety of lens options to suit all distance and spot size requirements. We also offer multiple cooled and weather proof enclosures to help accommodate in harsh environment conditions.

We have a thermal image processing software INFRAVIEW at the core of a thermal imaging system. The modular windows software INFRAVIEW can be configured /customized to cater to application / solution requirements. Infraview offers various features like Configurable ROI’s : point, line, free shape, Histogram and isotherm visualization, Hot and cold spot detection, Color pallet scaling, Trend charts, Alarm output, Video and Image export.

Our thermal imaging product range includes :

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