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We measure accurate temperature in extreme conditions


Model Temperature Range Spectral Range Optical Resolution/Frame Rate
ThermCAM-160 -20°C to 120°C |100°C to 1000°C (Switchable) 8 – 14μm 160 x 120 Pixels@30 Hz

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ThermCAM-160 is a medium resolution thermal camera, with 30Hz frame rate, multi-functions and wide temperature measurement range. It provides ultimate inspection tools and unprecedented easy-to-use designs to fit your needs. Like quality control, process monitoring or process automation. The device is durable, robust and suitable for industrial continuous operation. It is available in 160 x 120 Pixels resolution. It works at the wavelength range from 8- 14 μm.

The thermal imager captured by ThermCAM-160 can be transferred to a computer using Infraview software supplied with every ThermCAM-160. It can display thermal video, provide continues thermal output without loss and no appreciable time delay in I/O cards. Multiple clients PC up to 4 can also be configured to view the thermal video at different locations through LAN.

Key Features

  • Auto tracking of hotspot and showing the temperature values
  • Configurable storage and temperature video recording.
  • Digital and Analog input/ouput modules

  • Software controlled parameter settings
  • Multiple client PC Configuration
  • Standard Software%Package.


  • Quality management
  • Process Automation and Process Control
  • Early fire detection:in storage buildings, forests and even in cities.

  • Traffic Control
  • Process Control in Metallurgy.
  • Inspection of electrical equipment.

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