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We measure accurate temperature in extreme conditions

General Pyrometers

Our infrared pyrometers are used for precise temperature spot measurement and monitoring of industrial manufacturing processes, research and development, process automation & control in manufacturing and function checks of a diverse range of devices and systems between -40°C and 3200°C. Our pyrometers can be integrated in all processes where temperature plays an important role.

Special pyrometer for Laser welding process, Wafer Annealing, CVD Crystal Growing

Built-In Display, Parameterization Keys Focusable, Optics Single & Two Color Option,  Modbus Communication Video Output/Swift: Fast Response (10 μsec adjustable upto 10 sec)

  • Compact Pyrometer for most common applications,
  • Through the Lens & Laser Pilot Targeting
  • Single & Two Color Option
  • RS232/485 output
  • Fixed Focus

Separate Electronics & Sensor Head Single & Two Color Option Relay Output

Two wire pyrometer, Specially designed OEM recommended models, Digital TTL output



Special Pyrometer for Molten Glass

Handheld Pyrometer, Single & Two Color Option


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