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We measure accurate temperature in extreme conditions
Special Multiwavelength Plug & Play Pyrometers
for temperature measurement in Non-Ferrous industries like Aluminium Extrusion, Hot Rolling, Continuous Casting, Cold Rolling, Forging, Molten Aluminium, etc.
Multiwavelength Fiber Optic Pyrometers
For temperature measurement in Non-Ferrous industries like Aluminum Extrusion, Hot Rolling, Continuous Casting, Cold Rolling, Forging, Molten Aluminum, etc.
Infrared Pyrometer With Focusable Optics
with Laser Targeting/ Through the lens/ Video Module
sighting options, OLED Display, Parameterizing keys
Portable Glass Mould Pyrometer
High Temperature Furnace Monitoring System
with Water cooled lens tube, Vortex cooled camera chamber, Auto retraction and shutter, Control panel with pneumatic system
Pyrometer in Two Wire Technology
High Stability Black Body Furnaces
Standard Industrial Pyrometers : A Series
with Laser Targeting/ Through the lens sighting options, Bluetooth
Economic Series Pyrometers
with LCD Display, Keypad for parameterizing, Extended Sensor Head, Laser Targeting Light
Fiber Optic Pyrometers
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Accurate Sensors Technology

Temperature is one of the most commonly measured physical entities among vivid industrial sectors. Understanding the very importance of temperature in process industries, Accurate Sensors Technologies was founded in 1994 to focus exclusively on non-contact temperature measurement solutions for Aluminium surfaces with low, unstable, and variable emissivity characteristics. Today, AST is a leading name among manufacturers of infrared temperature measurement devices for industrial applications and research & development. Our comprehensive product portfolio includes Infrared Pyrometers, Thermal Imagers, Furnace monitoring systems, and black body furnaces for processing industries like Steel, Aluminium, Cement, Glass, non-metals, and various R&D applications. We use innovative approaches for handling unstable targets and intermediate conditions common to process industries by achieving a degree of accuracy far better than other products available in the market. 


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