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We measure accurate temperature in extreme conditions

General Pyrometers

Our infrared pyrometers are used for precise temperature spot measurement and monitoring of industrial manufacturing processes, research and development, process automation & control in manufacturing and function checks of a diverse range of devices and systems between -40°C and 3200°C. Our pyrometers can be integrated in all processes where temperature plays an important role.

Special pyrometer for Laser welding process, Wafer Annealing, CVD Crystal Growing

Pyrowell G2 is fiber optic pyrometer with extended ceramic tube for Coke oven application.

Built-In Display, Parameterization Keys Focusable, Optics Single & Two Color Option,  Modbus Communication Video Output/Swift: Fast Response (10 μsec adjustable upto 10 sec)

  • Compact Pyrometer for most common applications,
  • Through the Lens & Laser Pilot Targeting
  • Single & Two Color Option
  • RS232/485 output
  • Fixed Focus

Separate Electronics & Sensor Head Single & Two Color Option Relay Output

Two wire pyrometer, Specially designed OEM recommended models, Digital TTL output



Special Pyrometer for Molten Glass

Handheld Pyrometer, Single & Two Color Option

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