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Cement Industry

CLINKER Temperature Measurement

In petrochemicals refinery plant or Gas processing plant, Sulphur is recovered from plant by thermal reactor process and this process is well known as Sulphur recovery Unit (SRU) or Clause Process. Sulphur is naturally present as an impurity in fossil fuels, Fossil fuels include coal, petroleum, natural gasoil shales and heavy oils.

Sulphur is extracted at very high temperature from the SRU reactor, thus it is very critical to control the temperature to protect refractory lining & reactor’s viability.

AST has special solution for Sulphur recovery unit application with two channel model for measurement of refractory temperature, gas temperature and smart hybrid temperature. It is highly

accurate digital Fiber Optic industrial IR Pyrometers, for non-contact temperature measurement in demanding applications. Infrared Thermometry Fiber Optic Pyrometers are widely used in high ambient temperature and explosion proof applications without cooling and also in processes involving digital interferences.


Recommended Pyrometer : AST SRU FO

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