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Steel Industry

Rolling Mill

1. Application: Billet temperature measurement before entering the rolling

Process Temperature: 1000°C

Installation of the Pyrometer: Targeted on billet

Recommended Pyrometer: A450/A250/A450+/A250+

2. Application: Before Quenching

Process temperature: 900-950°C

Installation of the Pyrometer: Before quenching

Recommended Pyrometer: A 250/A450/A250+/A450+

3. Application: After Quenching at the cooling bed.

At the cooling bed, temperature equalizing takes place around 600ºC. This makes the surface of the re-bar a hardened structure. The core remains soft. Monitoring and controlling temperature at each stage are important to maintain the quality of Re-Bars. Cooling is an important factor here. To ensure the retention of all the metallurgical properties of the steel the cooling should be fast as well as controlled. Lack of control in the cooling will lead to the formation of scrape/wastage material. This will hamper the quality of the product. Installation of the pyrometer at this level helps in Retention of the metallurgical properties of the steel, helps in monitoring a variety of rod/bars with different diameters and in carrying out continuous temperature measurement.

Process Temperature: 450°C-500°C

Installation of the Pyrometer: At the cooling bed

Recommended Pyrometer:A250/A450/A250+/A450+

For more details related with the application download the below application pdf :

Application Rolling Mill
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