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450 g-2 Pyrometer

Models At Glance

Model Temperature Range Spectral Range Application Download
450 G-2 600°C – 1800°C 1.0 μm Furnace Crown 450G-2 Datasheet
600°C – 1800°C 1.0 μm Furnace Sidewall
600°C – 1800°C 1.0 μm Forehearth
600°C – 1800°C 1.0 μm Feeder
600°C – 1800°C 1.0 μm Working End

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Pyrowell G-2 is specially designed highly accurate digital IR Fibre Optic pyrometer with ceramic tube which provides high performance and low
maintenance of non contact temperature measurement of coke oven temperature.

Pyro-well G-2 is a combination of IR non-contact sensor & one end closed sighting tube like Thermowell.

Key Features

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