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We measure accurate temperature in extreme conditions

Pyrometers in Two wire Technology


T3 Series are specially designed IR Pyrometers for non contact temperature measurement in demanding industrial environments. The Pyrometers are highly accurate and compact by nature with stainless steel housing to provide high operational safety for harsh industrial environments. The Pyrometers are designed for high temperature applications between 250°C….2500°C.
The parameters like Emissivity can be adjusted directly at device. Other parameter like Analog Sub Range, Response Time, Peak Picker, Valley Picker etc. can be preset ex-works or adjustable via Software Infrasoft. T3 Series is provided with TTL output. Using the USB interface Infralink and Software pyrometer can be connected to PC for parameter setting and data logging.


  • Two wire technology for easy electrical connection
  • Wide temperature range 250°C….2500°C
  • Spectral range 1.0 μm….1.6 μm
  • Laser Light for precison targeting of the measuring object
  • 10 ms response time adjustable upto 10 sec
  • Analog output 2 wire….4-20 mA (Isolated)
  • Digital TTL output & Infrasoft software
  • Small spot sizes
  • Emissivity can be adjusted directly at device
  • Accessories for mounting and cooling option

For more information regarding the products,download catalogues from below links

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