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Pyrometers For Monitoring Boiler’s Slagging

Project Background

Measuring temperature for large power plant combustion boilers in real time is a challenge. Some Thermocouple units installed in the boiler combustion chamber can only provide an overview of the temperature around the area. Whereas measuring the temperature in other parts than the combustion chamber area is also very important.

Monitoring other are as such as the are a around the Flue Gas Exit, the boiler walls above the combustion chamber,and the boiler pipe is also crucial to optimize boiler’s performance. For example, if the temperature in the Flue Exit area and the boiler walls is not hot enough, slag can appear on the pipes or boiler walls. This is not ideal as it complicates the maintenance process and has an effect on the service life of the boiler due to its corrosive nature.

Slagging on Boiler Pipes

Monitoring the boiler room’s temperature on a regular basis is on way to prevent the appearance of slag. The operator must maintain the temperature of the walls and boiler pipes at a certain temperature or monitor the temperature of the fireball in the combustion section so that slag does not stick.Therefore,an accurate monitoring to  needed at certain points & elevations to assist maintenance & reduce premature damage to the boiler.

AST Solutions

In general, a long thermocouple is used by customers to measure the temperature of the boiler room. But the temperature of the wall or the area around the Flue Exit will not be measured. The thermocouple cannot reach the point where it needs to be measured on the pipe or wall due to the long distance from the manhole provided.

In addition, the temperature of the fireball is high enough to make the measurement method using Thermocouple in effective(short life). Although it can be forced, the use of a Thermocouple can only measure the temperature at one point and can’t be moved.

Boiler Pipe Measurement

The best solution is to use the AST Pyrometer Portable P250.With an adjustable measuring range and abuilt-in recording system, the AST Pyrometer Portable P250 can help operators record & take accurate action to prevent slagging.

Fireball Combustion Measureme


By using the AST Pyrometer Portable P250, the results obtained by the customer are:

  • Accurate & Fast Temperature Measurement(5m/s Response Time)   Operators can get temperature directly on walls,pipes,or fireballs that can be used as data for decision making.
  • Built-in Recording System  The temperature measurement results will be recorded directly on the AST Pyrometer P250 unit and can be access data any time by the operator.
  • Operator Safety  Boiler operators can use the Portable Pyrometer P250 to measure remotely,measure temperature at any previously unknown point and shoot any area of the boiler part within the line of sight of the AST Pyrometer P250.
Pyrometer P250 Usage on Boiler

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