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Steel Industry

Ladle Application

1. Preheated Ladle

Application: To measure the temperature of refractory vessels of Ladle. The Ladle is preheated before pouring of the molten metal into it. Pre heating of the ladle is essential as it helps to withstand thermal shock of molten metal to ladle and prevents the refractory linings of it from getting damaged. Ladle should be preheated to an optimum Temperature. If the ladle is cool then the metal will explode from the sides of the vessel which hampers the safety and can be lethal. If the ladle is heated to a lower temperature refractory may crack. Very high temperature heating of the ladle results in the decrease of the insulating properties of the refractories.

Process Temperature: 1500°C

Installation of the Pyrometer: At the top of the Ladle

Recommended Pyrometer: A450C FO PL

The Fibreoptic infrared thermometer is the most suitable product for this application. The pyrometer is able to view through the flames and can measure the temperature of the refractory directly. These sensors need very less maintenance and survive efficiently for many years.

2. Inside the Ladle

Application: To measure the molten steel temperature inside the Ladle.

After the preheating of the ladle, the molten metal is transferred to the Ladle. It is essential to know the temperature at this stage also.

Process Temperature: 1500°C

Recommended Pyrometer: A450C FOPL

3. Ladle Pouring

Application:  Molten Metal Stream Temperature Measurement during Ladle Pouring into Tundish. Molten metal is poured from Ladle into Tundish to be used for other processes such as Casting etc. The temperature measurement is crucial for maintaining the homogenous quality in further processes.

Process Temperature: 1500°C

Recommended Pyrometer: A450C TL, IR CAST 2C+

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