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We measure accurate temperature in extreme conditions

Steel Industry

Induction hardening is a heat treatment process employed for the surface hardening of metal using electromagnetic induction to produce heat. Accurate temperature measurement is required for maintaining the quality of the metal.

Fibre Optic Pyrometers with fast response time and small spot sizes are recommended for accurate temperature measurement between the windings of the induction coil.

Recommended Pyrometer

A250+/A250/A450 FOPL Fibre optic pyrometer perfectly suits application as the optics and the Fibre cable doesn’t contain electronics so they can be easily mounted close to the process. There is no interference of a strong electromagnetic field. The Fibreoptic pyrometers are equipped with laser pilot light for sighting. The software Infrasoft enables remote parameter setting. Accessories for mounting helps in easy installation. Air purge unit prevents the contamination of the lens to ensure long term operation.

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