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Measurement of the Iron Stream temperature

The temperature measurement of pouring iron stream is crucial for achieving high-quality cast products. A two-colour pyrometer with Fibre optics AST 450C FO/PL and IR CAST 2C+  is recommended for this application due to conditions like very low and fluctuating emissivity along with the continuous moving and changing the position of the of an iron stream. The pyrometer is specially designed for the reliable temperature measurement of Iron Stream in Cast houses. Two-colour (Ratio) technique helps to overcome the inaccuracies due to atmospheric disturbances like water vapour, dust and contamination on lens etc.

Pyrometer has laser targeting light which can be turned ON/OFF which helps the user for precision targeting. The digital output of the pyrometer is connected to temperature controller with parameterizer so that all the parameters of the pyrometer can be set without the help of a PC or laptop. The auxiliary output of 24VDC from P120 is used to power the pyrometer. Hence the system is standalone and user friendly.


For more details related with the application download the below application pdf

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