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Steel Industry

Forging is a manufacturing process of shaping billets using local compressive forces. This is done by using mechanical or hydraulic presses. In a forging plant Billets are preheated in the furnace before loading the billets into the forging die to be formed.

A well controlled billet preheat temperature ensures :

  • Correct Metallurgical Properties
  • Correct Grain Structure and Size
  • Prevention of entry of under/overheated billets to the die
  • Enhanced life of the Die
  • Reduced Maintenance of the Die and the machine
  • Automation of the process
  • Reduced Heating Cost

Recommended Product for the application

A250 is specially designed highly accurate digital pyrometer to provide high Performance and low maintenance of non contact temperature measurement in demanding industrial environments. This pyrometer has solid body in stainless steel housing which provides high operation safety even in rough industrial environment. Variety of working Distances with fixed focus available for different applications.

For more details related with the application download the below application pdf :

Application Forging
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