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We measure accurate temperature in extreme conditions

Steel Industry

Within the spray chamber exist very harsh and unfriendly environment.

Some of the common conditions/problems which exist inside the spray chamber are as follows:

  • High Temperature within the Spray Chamber
  • High Pressure of the water Sprays
  • High Pressure of the Steam
  • Masking of the surface due to deposition of water droplets or steam in the field of vision.

AST’s pyrometer system “AST Concast” is designed in such a way that it can be easily installed in the spray chamber to view the strand between rolls. The system includes

Two Color Fibre Optic Pyrometer A450- C FO/PL/A250+/A450+ with 10mtr long fibre optic cable Two colour (Ratio) technique helps to overcome the inaccuracies due to atmospheric disturbances like Water vapor, Dust and Contamination on lens etc. Fibre optic system allows installing the pyrometer securely inside the control box away from the site which has high ambient conditions.

  • Silicon rubber tube for protection of Optical Fibre
  • Air purge system with sighting tube is useful in protecting the optical head from water vapor and other contaminants.
  • Adjustable flange helps in the trouble free installation.
  • Control box includes temperature Indicator with Programmer-P120

Digital output of the pyrometer is connected to temperature controller with Parameterizer so that all the parameters of the pyrometer can be set without the help of PC or laptop computer. Auxiliary output of 24 V DC from P120 is used to power the pyrometer. Hence the system is a Standalone and user friendly. Pyrometer has laser targeting light which can be turned ON/OFF via Programmer P120.

For more details related with the application download the below application pdf :

Model Download
A450- C FO/PL Datasheet
A450 C+ Datasheet
A450+ Datasheet
A250+ Datasheet

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