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Aluminium & Non-Ferrous Industry

Temperature control plays an important role in forging operation. Contact methods of measurement are often difficult as the probes tends to wear and maintenance of the probes can be time consuming and expensive. Non-contact measurement using infrared sensors has been tried many times but with only limited success on Aluminum because of the low and variable emissivity. We have successfully developed infra-red temperature measurement system that uses several different wavelengths and complex algorithms to accurately measure the temperature in Aluminum Forging application.

Advantages Of Using AST Systems For Measuring Precise Temperatures in Aluminium Forging Process

The A5-IN pyrometer have been developed for use in the aluminum forging industry. Unlike contact probe A5-IN pyrometer, will measure temperature within less than a second, and therefore is the most suitable instrument for forging application. Furthermore non-contact pyrometer enables automatic, continuous, maintenance free temperature measurement. Non-contact temperature measurement provides accurate consistent reliable reading, which can be recorded (via RS-232 communication or Analog 4-20mA), for quality assurance purposes.

Brief Overview of the Application, Installation Pictures and Recommended Models

Accurate measurement of aluminum parts during forging process is vital to ensure quality product. It is well established that even minor changes in the billet temperature can cause deterioration in the mechanical properties of the forged part, by creating internal stresses and deformations. For that reason, AUTOMOTIVE PARTS MANUFACTURERS demand accurate measurement of each forged billet coming in and out the press.

Exit From Furnace

Recommended Product: A5-IN

Entry to Forging Press

Recommended Product: A5-IN

Exit from Forging Press

Recommended Product: A5-IN

The pyrometer can be installed on a linear motion scanning motor in order to measure and improve the temperature distribution uniformity of the billet. Data can be collected and analyzed through Analog or Digital outputs.

He measurement of the temperature of the Aluminum Billet in the Forging process is an important parameter affecting the physical and mechanical properties of the product. Therefore, when safety involved measurement of the temperature of each piece is necessary and mandatory.

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