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Temperature is the most important parameter in Aluminum Extrusion Process controlling Production, Wastage, Cost, Quality and the Life of the Press. Aluminum extrusion being dynamic processes, accurate continuous temperature control is possible only by using non-contact pyrometers. Accurate Sensors Technologies enjoys a worldwide reputation for its unique pyrometers specially designed for Aluminum Extrusion process

Q. Why use Multiwavelength IR Pyrometer in Aluminium Extrusion Lines?

1. Productivity – Allows for increased extrusion speed

2. Quality – Better profiles, reduces amount of scrap produced

3. Energy – Saves gas or electricity at the Die Furnace, Billet Furnace and Container electrical element.

Brief Overview of the Application, Installation Pictures and Recommended Models


Billets are heated in heating furnace to the required temperature, usually around 420-500 °C. The heating is intended to reduce the flow stress of the aluminum alloys and to avoid cracks and surface defects due to high temperature.

Recommended Product : A5-IN and A5-S-IN

Benefits: Accurate temperature control of billets is crucial to ensure Quality Extrusion and avoid burning of the precious energy. Billet measurement prevents entry of under heated billets to the press therefore keeping constant speed, quality and enhancing the life of the press


Installation of AST Pyrometers for Billet temperature measurement

Press Exit

The aluminum profiles are typically extruded at extrusion speeds in the range of 5 – 50 m/min depending on the alloy used and the profile complexity. Entry of overheated or under heated billets to the container controls the speed, quality and wastage. As extrusion speed is increased productivity is increased. For example, if aluminum profiles are usually extruded at a low temperature of 520°C and the extrusion temperature is increased to 560°C, the extrusion press speed can be dramatically increased.

Benefits: When profiles are extruded at very high temperatures, for example between 580°C to 600°C, product may be damaged. AST pyrometers can prevent this damage. AST customers report increased productivity rates of 5 – 10%.

Recommended Products : A5-IN and A5-S-IN

Installation of AST Pyrometers at Press Exit

Cooling Table

On leaving the die, the extrusion is cooled through the use of air or water quenches. This is a critical step to ensure proper homogeneous structure, dimensions and strength characteristics of extrusions.

Benefits: Based on the intended use of the aluminum profiles, they are required to have different mechanical properties such as strength and hardness. These properties are achieved in two operations. The first one involves cooling of profiles in the extrusion process through the proper temperature adjustment and other one being control of extrusions leaving the die.

Recommended Products : A5-EX and A5-S-EX

Installation of AST Pyrometers at Cooling Table

Extrusion Dies

For more details related with the application download the below application pdf :

Application Aluminium Extrusion
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