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Aluminium & Non-Ferrous Industry


  • Enables accurate melt temperature measurement at the entrance to the wheel replaces immersion thermocouples.
  • Measuring of sheet temperature directly after leaving the rolls, make possible to judge how the molten metal flow inside the tip and so to correct the geometry of baffles, especially when different alloys are cast Since cont.
  • No more costly consumables Enables accurate temperature control of the strip when entering the first rollers.
  • Assists in preventing temperature related defects in the metal strip due to increasing feeding wheel temperature.
  • Strip cross-scanning, enables the fine-tuning process to be optimized, and a uniform temperature to be maintained across the strip

Brief Overview of the Application, Installation Pictures and Recommended Models

Wire Production

Recommended Products : A5-IN – For the measurement of Aluminum Strip Bars, Rods and Wire

Coiled Rod Temperature measurement

Recommended Products: A5-EX

Strip Bars and Rods

Recommended Products: A5-IN, A5-S-IN & A5-S-EX

Molten Aluminum

For more details related with the application download the below application pdf’s

Application Download
Aluminium Casting Datasheet
Continous Casting Datasheet

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