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A450C Pyrometer

IR Two Color Pyrometer For Glass Gob tempreature measurement

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A450C is a highly accurate digital two colour IR pyrometer from A series family for non contact temperature measurement. The two color IR Pyrometer measures the temperature of an object by calculating the ratio of the energies at two different wavelength bands. The ratio technique eliminates and reduces errors in temperature measurement caused by changes in Emissivity, Surface finish and energy absorbing materials such as Water vapour etc.

The two colour IR Pyrometer is used to measure the temperature in variety of applications in Steel (Induction heating, Forging, Annealing, Welding, Sintering and Rolling mills), Cement (Kiln burning zone) and Crystal growing. For glass Industry one of the common application for which two color IR pyrometer is used is for Glass Gob temperature Measurement.

Key Features

  • Wide temperature ranges from 600°C to 2500°C.
  • Spectral range 0.7 μm….1.15 μm
  • Fast response time within milliseconds
  • Two Color model
  • Laser targeting or Through The lens view finder sighting options
  • Analog output options available like 0…20mA, 4…20mA and 0…10V
  • Digital USB2.0 output and RS-232/RS-485 Serial interface
  • User friendly PC software for communication

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