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450 g-2 Pyrometer

Models At Glance

Model Temperature Range Spectral Range Application Download
450 G-2 600°C – 1800°C 1.0 μm Furnace Crown 450G-2 Datasheet
600°C – 1800°C 1.0 μm Furnace Sidewall
600°C – 1800°C 1.0 μm Forehearth
600°C – 1800°C 1.0 μm Feeder
600°C – 1800°C 1.0 μm Working End

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Infrared pyrometers are fastly replacing thermocouples in Glass industry. These are a must for temperature measurement of Molten Glass as well as Glass surface.

In Glass Working Tank and Canal there exists high ambient temperatures up to 200°C.In such case a Fiber optic pyrometer is useful for temperature measurement of molten glass. The special Fiber optic model 450 G-2 is equipped with the Optical head and the Fiber optic cable which can withstand ambient temperature up to 250°C easily without need for water cooling.

Key Features

  • 450 G-2 is specially designed 2 wire Digital Pyrometer with Digital and Analog output that allows remote communication and helps in simple installation.
  • Fiber Optic Cable can withstand ambient temperature up to 250°C very easily without need for water cooling .Supplied with software “MT500” helps in remote communication. Emissivity, Sub Range or Response Time and Peak Picker can be preset ex-works or adjusted through software.
  • The Pyrometer has stainless solid steel body which provides high operation safety even in rough industrial environment
  • The fast Response time of 250msec is useful in monitoring changes in fast process.
  • Pyrometer contains small Optical head which makes it easier to reach harshest of locations
  • The accessory such as Air Purge Unit helps in keeping the optical lens clean and the mounting system provides proper support to the pyrometer

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