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Steel Industry

Galvanizing is the practice of coating clean, oxide-free iron or steel with a thin layer of zinc or zinc alloy to protect the surface against corrosion. The hot dip process is adaptable to coating nearly all types of fabricated and non-fabricated products such as structural assemblies, hardware chain, hollow ware, wire, pipes and tubes, fittings, tanks, sheets, strip, and wire cloth. Galvanizing consists of four fundamental steps:

(1) Surface preparation
(2) Fluxing
(3) Galvanizing
(4) Finishing

Temperature measurement after dipping strongly influences the final appearance and quality of coating. It also enhances the maximum line speed. There are number of reasons for the non-uniform appearance. A steel part with both dull and shiny coating can also be the result of a different cooling rate. The use of a rapid quench after dipping can stop the formation of the gray or alligator coating. The phenomenon of peeling can also be seen if work cools too slowly, such that the temperature remains above 288°C for periods over 10 or 15 minutes, the pure zinc layer may peel off of the work.

A150 PL

A150 PL is a special pyrometer designed for low temperature measurement of metallic object at low temperature.A150 is a specially designed highly accurate digital pyrometer operating at the near end of the infrared spectrum and is therefore an excellent choice for measurement of ferrous and non ferrous metals above 75°C because the emissivity of un-oxidized metal surfaces is higher at shorter wavelengths.

A150 is provided with Bluetooth & USB 2.0 connector with cable. The pyrometer can be powered through USB port. In this case no external power supply is required (+24V DC requires for operation of analog output, laser, RS- 232 /RS-485 output). This pyrometer has solid body in stainless steel housing which provides high operation safety even in rough industrial environment. Variety of working Distances with fixed focus available for different applications.

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