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Steel Industry

1. Tap Hole Exit Application

Application: Molten iron stream temperature measurement at the tap hole exit

Process Temperature: 1500°C

Installation of the Pyrometer: At the tap hole exit

Recommended Pyrometer: A450C TL

Dual-wavelength pyrometer working in near wavelengths between 0.7….1.15 μm compensates for dirty optics and intermittent disturbances like dust and smoke. Due to movement of equipment and working labor, most of the time pyrometer needs to be installed at long distance. Advanced optical scheme and through the lens sighting makes the system perfect to install even in long distances without deviation in accuracy of measurement. Heavy duty water cooling jacket with integrated air purge unit and quartz protection window to with stand harsh steel industry application.

2. Stove Dome Application

Application: To measure the temperature of refractory of the stove dome. The Stoves are used to heat the air. The hot blast air is then supplied to the blast furnace to achieve the process temperature which is essential for the production of iron.

Process Temperature: 1400°C

Installation of the Pyrometer: Pyrometer mounted vertically at the top of the stove.

Recommended Pyrometer: A450C FO PL

Dual-wavelength pyrometer with fiber optics is able to look through dirty windows and tolerate the harsh environment to measure the refractory temperature. The electronics of the sensors are safe as they are mounted away from the hot surface. The conditions are very harsh and it leads to the contamination of the optics but these issues don’t affect the infrared pyrometer due to the dual wavelength technology.

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