T Series Pyrometers

Models At Glance

Model Temperature Range Spectral Range Aiming Download
T2-250 300°C - 1300°C
500°C - 1500°C
1.6 μm Laser Pilot Light Datasheet
T2-450 600°C - 1600°C
700°C - 2100°C
1.0 μm Laser Pilot Light Datasheet
TL8 0°C - 500°C 8 μm to 14 μm Laser Datasheet
TL514 200°C - 1400°C 5.14μm Laser Datasheet
TL390 300°C - 1400°C 3.9μm Laser Datasheet
  • IR Thermometer Models in two wire technology: T2-250, T2-450
  • IR Thermometer Model for Low Temperature Applications: TL8

Key Features

  • T series are specially designed OEM recommended models perfectly suited for demanding industrial environment because of the compact size, small housing dimensions and low maintenance.
  • The compact size of T series model is an added advantage for easy installation into production lines and confined spaces. Variety of working Distances with fixed focus available for different applications.
  • T2-250 and T2-450 models are designed in Two Wire Technology for wide range of temperature measurements from 310°C till 2100°C.
  • TL8 model can replace the already installled contact probes with the K type or J type thermocouple output alongwith standard 0..5V, 4...20mA and 0...20mA Analog outputs especially designed for low temperature application needs, ranging from 0°C...500°C. Additionally it is also equipped with Alarm Output.
  • The IR thermometers have IP65 stainless steel housing which protects the onboard electronics and assures high operational safety in harsh industrial environment. This enables the sensor to withstand and function easily in ambient temperatures upto 70°C easily. The instrument has inbuilt special laser targeting light for precision targeting of the object.
  • The IR thermometers are supplied with "Infralink Software" for parameter setting. The parameters such as Emissivity, Analog output Sub- range, Response time can be preset exworks or adjusted through "Infralink Software".
Standard Scope Of Supply
  • Pyrometer with 3 m Long Connection Cable
  • Analog output 4...20mA(T2 model)
  • Analog Output 0-20mA, 4-20mA,0-5V, K type, J type Thermocouple output(TL8 model)
  • TTL output
  • Alarm Output(TL8 model)
  • Calibration Certificate
  • Software
  • Operation manual
  • USB interface Kit for software operation
  • Extra cable lengths
  • Accessories like Air Purge Unit for Purging/lens protection and Adjustable mounting for support to the pyrometer.
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