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Why Temperature Measurement is Important for Glass Industry?

Temperature control is an important factor in glass industry due to high energy process involved in manufacturing of glass. Temperature measurement helps in improving the efficiency of glass plants by maintaining homogeneous quality and reduce scrap of the glass products. For efficient process control, temperature measurement is done during the various production stages in the manufacturing of float glass, technical glass and fiber glass variants.

The following table summarizes the Glass application and our recommended products for the same.

Glass Application Installation points Products Recommended
Float Glass Working Tank 450G2
Canal 450G2
Tin Bath AL390
Annealing Lehr AL514
Container Glass Working Tank 450G2
Feeder/Fore hearth 450G2
Glass Gob A450C
Glass mould A250
Technical Glass Measuring bulb surface 450G2
Glass Dishes AL514
Rotary Blow Moulding Machines AL514
Fiber Glass Forehearth 450G2
Spinner Bushings A450+

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