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AL45 for Hot CO2 Temperature Meaurement11.08.2015

AL45 is the latest Model Launched by AST in its economic range of Pyrometers. AL45 are special pyrometers which provides the advantage of measurement of flames and combustion gases that include Co2. The narrow spectral range of about 4.43μm, in the Co2 absorption band enables the measurement of flames and hot combustion gases.

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Focusable Optical Head:11.08.2015

This new feature is added in Pyrometer Model AST A250/450 FO/PL to provide a variable optical head to the customers for precise temperature measurement.

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Portable Glass Mould Pyrometer 01.05.2015

P-GM is the latest model launched from AST in it's very economic Glass Pyrometer range.P-GM is an hand held battery powered non contact thermometer for temperature measurement of Glass Mould in Container Glass Industry.

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MultidropT Series 01.05.2015

Multiple Sensor Heads Controlled Through Single Electronics
Each Multidrop is a two-piece pyrometer unit offering a variety of sensor heads with temperature ranges between 0°C and 2100°C. The sensor heads cover multiple spectral ranges and optics thus providing an array of solutions for your application requirements.

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Accurate Sensors Technologies Israel is proud to be part of another successful project worldwide.

Your attention is directed to company named Atie Uno Informatica the world's renowned automation and industrial management company in Aluminium Extrusion. The company has many solutions for the Aluminium Extrusion industry.

There one such solution named ,N5Nitrogen, to cool the die by using liquid nitrogen, regulating successfully the temperatures with our pyrometers. Our AST Pyrometer Model AE3000&PS3000 and model AB3000 is successfully integrated into their system. They selected our model as they wanted to work majorly on the following points.

Increase the speed of extrusion

Improvement in Surface Quality

Increase life of the die

Minimal wastage

Customer feedback is highly satisfied and recommends our joint solution

We will continue to conquer more demanding applications day by day.

Mobile Android based application software for AST Pyrometers Now available
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Aluminium Profile Extrusion Cooling Rate

High quality extrusion profiles for industries such as automobile, space and aircraft etc. demands the need for special means of process control. - Read More

Our Partner: ECOQUENCH

EcoQuench is involved in developing a computer controlled, profile spray quench, heat extraction system with advanced cooling rate control, closed loop thermal and dimensional control and integrated high grade heat recovery & re-use.

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Made in Steel
Pavilion 24 – Stand O01A
17th - 19th May 2017
Milan – ITALY

Pavilion 2 – Stand A50
21st to 24th June 2017
Verona – ITALY

3rd to 6th October
Milan - ITALY

Aluminium China 2017
Stand - 1G50
Hall - W1
19th-21st July 2017
Shanghai - China.

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