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AB3000 Infrared Thermometer

Aluminium Billet temperature measurement during Aluminium Extrusion Process
Temp. range: 300-600°C/572-1112°F

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AE3000 Infrared Thermometer

Aluminum Profile at the Die Exit
Temp. range: 350-650°C/660-1200°F

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AC3000 Infrared Thermometer

Extrusion, Cooling Table and Hot Rolling
Temp. range: 200–600°C /390–1110°F and 170-600°C/338-1110°F

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AM3000 Infrared Thermometer

Molten Aluminium Temperature measurement
Temp. range: 450-900°C/840-1650°F

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P3000 Infrared Thermometer

Aluminium Forging,Contiuous Casting and Rolling
Temp. range: 300-1000°C/572-1832°F

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